You cannot serve all of the 330 million people in the US, no matter how spectacular your product or service. If you aim at them all, you won’t even be able to serve one. So instead we are going to find your DOT and you will aim to serve them. For sure others will join, but you can only aim at those inside your DOT.

This is a concept I picked up from Dean Graziosi. Let’s say you sell a health product.  If you draw a large circle that is the 330 million people in the US, they are potentially ALL your clients, right?  But you will have to narrow that field in order to have a meaningful conversation with any of them.

So maybe you will decide you only serve women.  So you go down to the next circle, but that’s still 160 million people.

So narrow it again. Women with small businesses. So your circle moves down to maybe 10 million (just guessing here about the numbers.).

Then you realize you can’t serve, or even talk to 10 million people at a time, so maybe you now narrow it down to women business owners in Tennessee. So your number is getting smaller and more manageable.

But we still have 1 million people and some of them have insurance businesses, and some have realestate businesses and some have stores. So you narrow it down again.

You only serve women business owners in Tennessee with an online store.  The number is getting smaller. You may be tempted to stop here, but don’t do it.  We are aiming for that one dot right in the middle. Our Tennessee female business owner with an online store sells clothing. That’s narrower, but we can’t stop here.

Now we get really specific. This lady has 2 children under the age of 5 and she’s tired, has low energy and falls asleep at 3 PM every day.

That’s your DOT. That one woman who falls asleep every day at 3 PM. She is from TN, she has an online store, 2 children under age 5 and she desperately needs your help.

From here, you can tell a compelling story.  You can tell the story about how she falls asleep at 3 PM even though her children are wide awake and she will know that she needs your help.

See? We have to get all the way down to the dot.  Other people besides those you aim at will also resonate with your authentic story. But if you can’t be specific, then no one will.

Find your Dot.

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