Story is the buzzword for selling these days. It is the buzzword because it works.  For thousands of years, we have been sharing stories about our history and our society. People remember them and learn from them. So even though it’s a buzzword, at, we think it’s a really great development.

We also have learned that it is extremely important to serve your clients by recognizing them when they contact you. This is part of recognizing that your client is the Hero of his story.  We generally call this a lead, but really, it’s a person, with a problem, who needs your help.  When you are deciding whether you should collect leads and send emails on your website, you are really deciding whether you are going to help people who need you.

We have several methods of collecting email addresses and contacting your HEROES on their journeys. We can set this up on your website, your social media, and even in your email.  Because being the guru who helps the HERO on his journey, is something that the world needs.

Most business websites are broken and don’t attract customers. At we fix the site and clarify your message so your clients engage, and your website becomes a tool to grow your business. This is Suzan David, and if it’s broken, we can fix it.